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Department Goals

Tainan University of Technology is founded on the principles of humanity and art, with a focus on home economics, and excels in the fields of hospitality and leisure. In response to the flourishing trend of the world tourism industry and the government's tourism development policies, the university established a four-year undergraduate program in 2008, a two-year undergraduate program in 2009, and a high school vocational program in 2011. As one of the few hotel management professional departments in the central, southern areas, the department provides the tourism industry with professional human resources and lays the foundation for the emerging creativity of the tourism industry. Graduates are awarded a bachelor's degree in management, and the department was renamed as the Department of Hotel Management in 2014.

During their studies, students in this department not only take courses in the hospitality industry and develop excellent service attitudes and professional skills, but also receive long-term exposure to the artistic and cultural atmosphere of the campus and the traditional school spirit, cultivating distinctive cultural qualities that set them apart from students at other universities. These qualities are precisely what hotel staff need to possess. The department places particular emphasis on cultivating students' learning attitudes and English communication skills. By changing their appearance, inner qualities, and personality, the department aims to cultivate industry leaders with a passion for service and professional skills, and provide a bridge to the workplace for students, ultimately achieving the goal of graduating and finding employment.

The Department of Hotel Management aims to cultivate students' "professional skills in the workplace," "self-learning abilities," "communication and learning abilities," and "practical skills."


Cultivate students with a global perspective, enthusiastic service attitude, fluent English communication skills, and the ability to work closely and coordinate with teams.


Advocate for a "holistic education" that encompasses morality, intellect, physical fitness, group participation, and aesthetics, while promoting interdisciplinary integration and achieving the goal of employment upon graduation.


Integrate industry and academia resources, such as hiring industry professionals to teach on campus and implementing internship programs, to provide students with opportunities to engage with the industry while still in school.

Course Planning
Teaching Philosophy

Cultivate students' correct attitudes and strong foreign language abilities, with hotels as a platform that provides a direct springboard for internationalization.

Teaching Features 1.Integrate closely with industry and aim to prepare students for employment upon graduation.
2.Provide guidance and support for students to obtain language proficiency and industry-specific certifications in hospitality services.
3.Collaborate with renowned hotels to offer year-long, paid internships in the fourth year to enhance professional practical skills.
4.Plan a two-week overseas visit for students in their third year.
5.Integrate beauty, precision, fashion, and embroidery through cross-disciplinary learning.
6.Promote international exchange programs and overseas internship opportunities.
Graduation Prospects

1.Hotel industry professionals
2.Food and beverage service professionals
3.Tourism and leisure industry professionals
4.Exhibition planning professionals
5.Administrative professionals


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